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My name is Mary, the creator of Myrrh and Merlot. The inspiration for Myrrh and Merlot came to me as I discovered sensitivities to certain ingredients found in many self-care products. Centered mostly around my love of lip balm, I found myself constantly checking labels and sifting through far too many ingredients only to discover that it was rare to find a lip balm or product that was compatible with my standard of health. I decided to start making my own lip balms to combat this problem.

Myrrh and Merlot’s main focus is creating products with organic ingredients that come from quality sources, treat the body well and achieve their intended purpose. We also aim to use as few ingredients as possible to get the job done and cater to those who may have ingredient sensitivities. Taking care of yourself shouldn’t be hard.

At Myrrh and Merlot, our mission is to create products that make it easy for you to

live well and stay healthy.



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